This checklist is a guide to prepare your home for professional photography. These are only suggestions for you to help your home to be best showcased to potential buyers. 
✓ The entire house should be nice and clean (carpets, hard floors, countertops, etc.)
✓ Clean the windows, consider removing any damaged window screens or blinds
✓ Open or roll up any blinds as much as possible to accentuate views if applicable
✓ Turn off ceiling fans, TVs, computer screens etc.
✓ Remove large personal photographs if you can (or replace with generic art)
✓ Beds should be made and arranged nicely, remove laundry baskets or things of that sort
✓ Remove small floor rugs to reveal actual flooring, when possible, large area rugs are fine
✓ Place all shoes/jackets, personal wear items or accessories in closets

✓ Close Garage Doors
✓ Remove all vehicles from driveway (and front of home if at all possible)
✓ Remove any clutter such as brooms, pails, etc.
✓ Use broom to remove any cobwebs or debris from steps and door frames
✓ Remove visible water hoses in summer or shovels/pails in winter
✓ Remove toys, sports balls, basketball goals, etc.
✓ Hide trash and recycle bins in the garage or out of the way if possible

✓ Remove any stacks of magazines, papers, mail, remotes, etc.
✓ Clear the fireplace mantel/hearth (except any art items)
✓ Fluff and arrange furniture pillows
✓ Remove kid’s toys or other personal items

✓ Have a nicely made bed, including decorative pillows/shams if available
✓ Clear nightstands of all personal items, chargers, tissue boxes, etc.
✓ Remove any photos or other small items from top of dressers if possible
✓ Remove any large personal photos from walls or replace with generic art if you can
✓ Do a check around the bed, removing any items that may show in the photos

✓ Remove any dishes, racks, soaps, etc. from the sink, make clear of any extras
✓ Clear counter tops, removing any items like baking supplies, mail, chargers etc.
✓ It's fine to leave out small counter appliance such as a a coffee maker etc.
✓ Clear refrigerator of any magnets, papers, photos, etc.
✓ Hide any garbage cans in pantry or closet if that’s at all possible

✓ Clear the table, dusting and polishing ahead of time if you can
✓ Decorative place settings look great if you have them available
✓ Table center piece such as flowers or a sculpture look nice in the photos
✓ Straighten all chairs and space them evenly
✓ Remove child seats/booster chairs or things of that sort

✓ Clear counter tops of soap, toothbrushes, medications, deodorant, etc.
✓ Put toilet seats down
✓ Close any closet or vanity doors
✓ Remove shampoo, soap, loofahs, etc. from showers and tubs if you can
✓ Leave out only new, unused towels or remove them altogether

✓ In warm weather months, have lawns neatly mowed
✓ Clean porch or decking, tidy up any outdoor tables/chairs/cushions
✓ Clear out any kids’ toys, balls, frisbees, etc.
✓ Remove visible water hoses in summer and shovels in winter
✓ Remove / hide any trash cans, pails or things of that sort
✓ If you have them, turn on any fountains/water features

✓ Place food and water bowls away if possible
✓ Place pet beds/toys in a closet or somewhere away
✓ Use lint roller on furniture to remove any visible pet hair if you can
✓ Clear outdoors of pet waste/toys

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